Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{Lindsey & Dallin} San Francisco, CA Engagement Photographer

These beautiful people are my brother Dallin and his fiance Lindsey. That same little brother who played barbies with me - hours on end. The little brother who cried for days when I accidentally killed his 2 imaginary friends (sorry dude, I couldn't see them). And that same little brother who called me "Sa" because he couldn't say my full name. How did that little guy get old enough to get married?! Luckily Lindsey is the best of them all, so we're quite okay with it! They are getting married in less than a month! He's the first to get married in our family, so it's an exciting time!

Other than 1 month, their entire relationship has been spent apart. They dated for 1 month (ish), before he moved to San Francisco for Dental School. They got engaged a couple months later, and shortly after that, Lindsey moved to Boston to finish her last year of school at Harvard. Since September, they have each been flying across the county to spend weekends together. My brother is the biggest hopeless romantic that I have ever met. He definitely got his fairytale story with this gal!

One of the weekends that Lindsey was in San Francisco, I flew out there to take their engagement photos. It was dreamy. I love traveling to do photos. It was so fun and different doing engagements outside of Utah. We constantly had people stopping to tell them congratulations or find out when the big day was (see the Fisherman's Wharf photo - that dude was loving it). It wasn't just another couple getting their pictures done like it is here in Utah. It was a sight to see for the locals!

I narrowed them down the best I could. There were too many good ones to choose from.

Locations: Potrero Hill, Fisherman's Wharf, Baker Beach and The Painted Ladies.