Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{2011-2012 High School Senior Rep Program} Utah Senior Photographer

I’m looking for outgoing 2012 seniors (which means you’re currently a junior) to represent Sarah Rae Photography at your school. If you have a positive attitude and think you can work it in front of the camera, I want to hear from you. This is a great opportunity to have your senior portraits done for FREE. I need guys and girls—looking for at least one from each local high school (Utah, Washington & Iron County high schools).
Here’s how the Rep Program works:
I’ll choose one or two 2012 high school seniors from each surrounding school to shoot a free Model Senior Session—a $250 value!  We’ll hit several different locations and you’ll change outfits several times for a variety of looks. 
What’s in it for you?
                A FREE Model Senior Session ($250 value)
                Free images for Facebook
                100 rep cards with your photo to pass out to friends
                10% off your print order
                $20 print credit for each referred senior who completes a session with your rep card    
                Refer 10 or more and I’ll throw in an added bonus!

What do you have to do?
                Be a graduating senior of 2012
                Be comfortable in front of the camera
                Be outgoing and have a positive attitude
                Have a fun sense of personal style
                Agree to represent Sarah Rae Photography
                Agree to pass out your rep cards to everyone you know and tell them they can save 10% off their 2010 senior portrait session if they book using your rep card  
                Return a signed model release by you and your parent/legal guardian

Click here to complete your application.
(It's not hard, promise!)

**Applications are due by April 12, 2011**

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing: Tequilla

In my Web Design class yesterday, the same question was asked "Did anyone do anything fun over the weekend?".  Everyone had pretty boring weekends until the question registered for one of  the guys in our class. 
About, 5 minutes late.

In today's story, I'm excited to introduce a new character:  Tequilla.  Tequilla is a male, about 24ish with hair the color of a bad attempt at bleaching which resulted in Orange/brown/blond.  Gross.  I'm pretty sure he's done so many drugs, drank so much alcohol that he is just... long gone.  Lucky for us, he provided some funny converstaion in class yesterday that went like this:

Teacher:  Anyone do anything fun over the weekend? 
Class:  Silence
Teacher:  Anyone....?
Ecstacy:  The Super Bowl gave us an excuse to get drunk and party.
Teacher:  [trying not to laugh at ecstacy...] Anyone else..?
Ecstacy's Friend:  I had like 20 people all in my living room watching the game.  Why do we even do that?  It's weird...

[...lots of super bowl talk...]

Teacher:  Yeah, it is pretty weird.  ANYone else...?
Tequilla:  OHHH, you mean like over the weekend?
Teacher:  [staring at Tequilla nervously awaiting what would be said next] Yeah.....
Tequilla:  Oh, Dude.  My friends and I went up to some sick cabin for the weekend.  I drank a ton of beer, WAY too much Tequilla and somehow ended up running around the woods NAKED.  In the middle of the night.  I have no idea how that happened.  Who knows, I probably slept with some girl and I don't even know.
Class:  [laughing hysterically and emabrassed for Tequilla] 

But, Thank You for doing something that was worth a great laugh.

I think I need to start working on getting real pictures of these new friends of mine.  I'll work on that.  Secretly, of course

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{WPPI 2011} - Las Vegas, NV

Right now I feel like a 5 year old during the Holidays.  I just can't wait for "Santa" to come!  

 Santa = WPPI 
(Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)

It's a HUGE Convention & Trade Show held in Las Vegas every year.  I've never felt "ready" enough to attend, but this year I'm going anyways.  Who the heck cares, right?

I get to learn about SO many things.  Some of the classes I am going to are about:

Marketing Strategies
Light Styling & Posing
Creating a Successful Business
Weddings (my favorite!)
"Law School for Photographers"
And many more...

A few of my favorite Wedding Photographers are going to be there speaking, so I hope to be able to attend some of their presentations as well.

Another great thing I get to do is attend a Fashion Show!  The reason I'm going to attend this is because THE Nigel Barker is going to be there (America's Next Top Model Photographer).  Oh. My. Gosh.  

Now can you see why I feel like a kid again?

According to the WPPI Website, as of right now there is only:

15 Days: 10 hours: 40 minutes: 50 seconds

Get ready for a bigger and better year here!