Friday, December 30, 2011

11 Memorable Moments in 2011

2011 has been quite the year! But a good, quite the year.  It wasn't a year full of traveling around the world, or the year I fell in love, but it was a year full of fun and learning. Since the world is ending in 2012, I thought I would reminisce for a moment about some fun things I have done the past 12 months.

11. Went to The University of Utah.
Much to all of my families dismay, I became a student at the U. This decission enabled me to be put thousands of miles on my car, spend thousands of dollars on gas and spend thousands of moments hearing interesting people converse with one another. Probably my favorite part of the U was the "unique" classmates and their conversations that I overheard.

10. Moved away from Provo.
Although Orem is only the next town up, it's definitely been a step up from Provo for so many reasons, but most importantly the fact that I no longer live in student housing. Best thing EVER! I've met so many great friends in Orem and am apart of a fabulous ward. Although I once never thought it would exist, there is life after the Omni!

9. Lake Powell is heaven on earth.
It's becoming a yearly tradition now that my aunt and uncle have a houseboat, but it's the best tradition we've ever made. Magical things happen at Lake Powell. No make-up and hair-doing is the most magical part about it. Can't wait to go in 2012! Maybe in 2020 I'll clear the wake.

8. Relay for Life
This event consumed a lot of my life in 2011 up until it happened in August. I headed up the committee with another guy and we put on the Relay for Life in Utah County. As much fun as it was, it was also a real pain in my behind. I learned that getting people to do things for free is hard work. All in all, it was a great event and we raised over $10,000 towards The American Cancer Society. Although I decided to not be apart of the committee this coming year, it was still a blast  and I am grateful for all the friends I made.

7. Stood 2 feet away from NIGEL BARKER!
Yes, you read that right. Nigel Barker. If you don't know who that is, shame on you! Watch America's Next Top Model and you will know and you will love. In February, I went to Las Vegas for WPPI, a photography convention and trade show. It was insanely awesome. It's also where I almost got a picture with Nigel, but since his bodyguards took that moment away from me, all I have is a picture of Nigel.

6. Brad Paisley, you're much shorter when we're so close.
Yep. I was close enough to know that I am much much taller than Brad. My guess is that he is 5'7" or so. Stadium of Fire this July was the best ever. Our friends gave us tickets for the 2nd row and it was the most magical night of our lives. Brad, I'll get mud on your tires anytime.

5. Became great friends with Marisa & Merrilee. 
These two girls are so great. You know when you can stay home on a Friday night and play CLUE and have the best time, you've got some good quality girls who know how to have a good time. We're still searching for Monopoly so we can have our next Friday night in!

4. An entire year pain & nausea free.
I'm aware that my condition was never fatal or anything extremely serious, but it wasn't very much fun. 2008-2010 I was always sick and in pain. It caused me to have to put a hold on school and life until last November my Doctor's finally figured it all out! A couple hours under the knife and BAM! I feel great. This year I've been back to normal life and it's been pretty awesome to say the least.

3. Completed my first Triathlon!
In May, I did the Women of Steel Triathlon. I've wanted to do one since I was in tenth grade, so it was a long time goal accomplished! My cute mom was there the whole time and cheered me on the whole way. Seriously. Each time I passed, she cheered so loud the entire town could hear her. I'm certain of it. Proud moms are the best. So are Triathlons! Can't wait for Women of Steel 2012!

2. Went through the Temple.
I had been wanting to go for quite a while, but was never "old" enough until this year. Then I finally became brave enough on November 26. Several of my aunts and uncles, cousins and Grandparents (some from Canada) were able to come because everyone was in town for a funeral and Thanksgiving. It was a great day and a perfect ending to a bittersweet week.

1. Devin returned home.
I never knew what missing someone meant until Devin passed away. Missing him is now a physical feeling more than an emotional feeling. My heart physically aches at times, but as soon as I remember where he is and what he is doing and seeing, I am okay. Devin helped me and the rest of our family become closer to one another.

That is the biggest thing of 2011. Our close, loving family and all the memories we now share.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

{The Sibs} St. George, Utah Photographer

For Christmas, I got some new camera equipment. I was maybe more of a Christmas, Birthday, Graduation and Favorite Daughter (hmm... sorry Amy) gift.

So... naturally, I dragged the sibs out. I've clearly got a lot to learn, but it's such a fantastic camera!

For the next few weeks, if anyone wants to come out and practice with me (aka, model), let me know!  Think of all the fun we could have. Lots. 
I'll be in St. George for another week or so, then back up to Orem. 

Let me know if you are up for some fun!



Photo of me (left) was taken my my little brother. He's very proud.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Go Rest High On That Mountain

It's been a month since Devin passed away. It's the strangest feeling. It's finally starting to feel real, and it's not a feeling I love, but one I need to accept. The smallest memories make me cry. And some make me laugh.  It feels like part of me is missing. But also that it is still there. Kind of like how he is now. Gone, but here.  I'll miss that boy forever and ever, but he'll always have a big piece of my heart. Just for him.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'd Fall in Love With the Beast Too.

I'm so jealous of Belle right now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Because Asking Someone Is Just Too Hard To Do.

99.999% of men suffer from one of the most annoying things EVER.

Although this man is beautiful and everything, clearly he's lost. What do you bet he could have stopped 20 miles back and asked for directions? Yeah, he could of.

 He's just too 'manly' for that.

So, this morning, there I was following my friend (who is a male) to pick him up from the dealership where he needed to drop his sweet new truck off for a little fix. He decided it would be best if I would just follow him there instead of meeting him there. Which is fine... except... somehow he got lost. And, I mean lost.  We drove around forever.  Forever as in I was gone for 2 hours forever.

The best part about this? I knew exactly where we were supposed to go and every wrong turn he made I wanted to call him and say NOOO it's THAT way! But, I felt as if I was not allowed to make such phone call and it would be a huge blow to his manhood.  So, instead we drove all the way up to Thanksgiving Point, through Lehi, and around American Fork... all for a dealership that is just two exits up the road.

Next time I am navigating and driving.