Monday, March 28, 2011

{Lauren Johns} Salt Lake City Portrait Photographer

Lauren is graduating from BYU this semester and needed some pictures to send out with her announcements!  This girl is the best smizer I know.  Tyra would be proud!
















Don't forget to enter to win a free shoot!  There's still time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's time for a GIVEAWAY!

The blog has almost had 10,000 hits this past year, so I think it is now a good time to celebrate!  How are we going to celebrate?  A GIVEAWAY!  This is going to be good.  So, here's how it will work:

To enter:

1.  Like Sarah Rae Photography on Facebook and "share" it with your friends so they can like it too!
2.  Post on your Facebook status that you just entered to win a free shoot with me!  Including a link 
     to my blog.
3.  Last but not least, comment on this blog post or shoot me an email and tell me that you did the      
     first two things.

What will you win?

1 free shoot (excluding weddings) with yours truly and a free 8 X 10 print!

Deadline for entries will be April 8, 2011.  That's two weeks!

And more of this lovely lady to come!

What a day ruiner

Last night I had a dream that I lived down the street from the beach. 
 This is probably where I lived

 All night long I had planned on going to the beach for the day.  You know, to soak up the sun, hang with my peeps, drink Jamba's, eat Wahoo's, play some Volleyball and take cool pics.

 But, guess what happened.

I woke up.

And I live in Provo.

What a let down.

At least in a few weeks when I move, I will have a POOL with CABANAS!  AND I wont live in Provo... I'll live in Orem.  Fine, it's only up the road, but still.  WOot!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I. Just. Don't. Know.

Oh, hi...

Does anyone out there have a good formula for decision making?  Because mine seems to be very... umm... well... it's just not working well for me right now.  

It feels a little like this:

Yep... not really a whole lot of fun going on in that.

So, if any of you know how to make decisions better than I do, wanna give me a little hint?

That'd be great :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have a new obsession.  It really just... is hilarious sometimes.  There are definitely times when I'll be in class or work or wherever and I'll just start laughing.  

Out loud.  

For... a long time.  

I think you should see some of my favorites, so I've brought them to you!

umm... gross!

This is just hilarious


come on, people!

PRACTICALLY?  Ok, I guess it's fine then...

If you throw them at the light, it's okay though
Really?  Weird...

no words for this one...

And now for my favorite one of all time...

SO funny! 
I just... love it so much!

The End.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Things To Come...

So, the past few weeks I've written a few blog posts, but I never end up posting them.  For some reason, everything that I write turns out to be more along the lines of a church talk, or RS Lesson - not blog-y like.  There are lots of things that I could write about and bore you with, but I'll spare you that, for now.  However, with all those things, they all come down to one thing and that is the Gospel.  So, yeah I might get a little "church talky, or RS Lesson-y" on you... so, stop reading if you must.  But, I like the Gospel so I'm going to write about it for a second.  Or, two.

I went down to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago to attend a conference that was just out of this world.  White I was there, I met SO many people from all over the states and even other countries.  Everyone was so great and it was such a great weekend, not only for my "photography motivation/love" but as well as my testimony.  Weird, I know.  

But really...

Sometimes I think it is good to get out of our comfort zones.  It can help us realize how blessed we are for what we have and who we are.  Between attending this conference, and attending the U, I have realized truly HOW grateful I am to be a member of the church.  It really does bring me so much joy and blesses my life everyday. 

It's just... REALLY GREAT!

The past couple of years for me have probably been the hardest of my life.  There have been so many things happen that aren't necessarily things I would have chose to happen.  But, they did and I've learned SO much.  And, for that I am grateful.  Through everything that has gone on and came and passed, there has been one thing that has been constant through it all.  And that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing else in my life that can give me such great hope, comfort and joy no matter what else is going on.  I always know that things will be okay, even if it's really really hard.  Because, otherwise we wouldn't be here.  

Even when life is hard and you want to throw rocks at things, we/I need to remember that we are SO blessed.  We all have such great opportunities in this life, greater than ever before and we can't dwell on the hard things.  

I can't say it well, so watch this.  He says it so much better than I ever could.