Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Alive!

Have you ever had goals in life that seem just so far out there and so unreachable? Well I have about 3 million of those. Because I want to do EVERYTHING.

Well, one of my so unreachable goals is to do a Triathlon. But... I'm sort of a non-athletic person who has (up till a few days ago) hated running. So it seemed like one of those goals that would really just always be a goal.

Since I hated running, I thought maybe I should start with a 5k or something smaller to see if I could even live after that. Cause lets be honest... I was that girl in Junior High gym class who faked sick on timed mile run days... So a 5k would have to come before an actual Triathlon for me.

And that it did!

Over Pioneer Day weekend, I half got talked into/really wanted to do a 5k with a couple friends. So I signed up. Originally, I was just really jealous of her packet she got - free shirt, lots of coupons, free massages after race etc. I wanted THOSE... not the actual race part of it...

Well, I ran it anyways.

And I survied.

Triathlon HERE I COME. ...Next year maybe...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Logo!

Many of you are probably SO sick of hearing about this. My new logo. I've seriously been SO excited about it, it's probably pathetic. But lets face it, a first logo in starting a business is a pretty big deal :)

My friend Molly (check out her stuff here! She's really great) made the logo for me and I just LOVE it!

I have it in a few colors, but I'll show you the black one so there is still some sort of surprise when my WEBSITE (coming VERY soon) is finished!

Let me know what you think!

oh. here it is...