Sunday, March 25, 2012

Now I'm In Trouble

After Devin's funeral, his family had SO many plants that their house looked like a nursery. So they gave me one.

Rewind to last summer when Devin had given me marriage advice AND a marriage deadline. Read about the hysterical details here:

Where Devin finds it necessary to give me marriage advice AND a deadline.

Where Devin finds it necessary to start praying for me - because I'm not married.

So the last time I received pressure from him, he kindly extended my deadline, for the third time, to March 16th. Well, that was about a week ago and... there was no wedding.

Now fast forward to the plant his parents gave me at his funeral. On March 17th, it started looking like this:

Coincidence that it starts dying the day after his deadline?


Devin being disappointed with me?


Friday, March 9, 2012

the one that got away

A couple years ago, I dated this guy. Shocker, I know. He was even a guy who met the family which is a rare thing for me. His family knew one of my uncles and his family which kept things a bit interesting - being questioned even more so (which I absolutely hate being questioned about boys I date. Drives me insane.)

Things didn't work out with said boy - clearly.

Now boy is getting married, which is great. I still think he is great and couldn't be happier for him.

Wedding announcements arrives in the mail. Cute. Aunt and Uncle get theirs too. But there's goes missing...

Turns out my cousin who is in 6th grade threw it away. "If he isn't marrying Sarah, then we will NOT be going to his wedding. He's marrying the wrong girl."

I'm over it, but I guess my cousin isn't...

And I absolutely love him for that. My little protector.