Friday, March 5, 2010

Lesson Learned: Closets Are Off Limits

Today I experienced a feeling I imagine a mother feels when she can't find her child in Wal-Mart.

I couldn't find my camera ALL DAY!


Yes, my Nikon camera.
My baby.
My Pride and Joy.
What I show off to people to make me feel cool.
The thing that lets me be creative.

Nakita is what I like to call her.

Nakita, in all her glory

I thought she was in one place, and she wasn't there. So then I thought I left her at my aunts. She wasn't there either. Then I thought maybe she was still in my car. Nakita wasn't there. I thought for sure she had be taken from me. Right out of my very own car, Andre. I was disappointed that he hadn't protected Nakita properly. I was almost angry with Andre. ANGRY with Andre... poor guy. He's so little... he wouldn't have been able to handle it.

I was getting dressed for an evening out on the town, which I thought would be without Nakita.
And I looked down, in my closet, and there she was! IN MY FREAKIN CLOSET! Why there? It is one thing I will never know, but I am so grateful to have my baby Nakita back. I felt sick, like my world was over, but it's now not over. It's even better now.

Lesson Learned: Don't put Nakita in closet. Ever. It's not worth the worries, pain and sickness felt during the "almost death".

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