Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have you met my sister?

So I have blogged about Amy, my little sister before. Remember, the 15 year old who knows everything about love? If you missed that part, you can read about it here!
Well, another thing she knows a lot about is this thing called basketball. She's pretty good. So about a month and half ago, when she had a cortizone shot in her knee and it put her in a wheel chair for a month because she couldn't feel her leg after, it was kind of a tragic event in her life. But, now she can all the sudden walk again and feels her leg. And the pain that comes with it all. It's a miracle.

So with that being said, I think I'll show you a video of what she is capable of. I've been her sister now for 15 years, and I'm NOW just seeing this video... granted, it did only take place this past year. I guess that's just what happens when I don't live at home anymore.

Just remember, I taught her everything she knows.

|cough cough|

If you didn't catch the cool part, she made a pretty sweet shot several feet BEHIND the 3 point line

Lets just say, my brother and I are already writing down our list of "gifts" we would appreciate once she's in the WNBA. You know, for putting up with her all these years to get her "where she is today". They wont be too long, after the beach house of course. *mmh hmm*

I'm kidding.

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