Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Alive!

Have you ever had goals in life that seem just so far out there and so unreachable? Well I have about 3 million of those. Because I want to do EVERYTHING.

Well, one of my so unreachable goals is to do a Triathlon. But... I'm sort of a non-athletic person who has (up till a few days ago) hated running. So it seemed like one of those goals that would really just always be a goal.

Since I hated running, I thought maybe I should start with a 5k or something smaller to see if I could even live after that. Cause lets be honest... I was that girl in Junior High gym class who faked sick on timed mile run days... So a 5k would have to come before an actual Triathlon for me.

And that it did!

Over Pioneer Day weekend, I half got talked into/really wanted to do a 5k with a couple friends. So I signed up. Originally, I was just really jealous of her packet she got - free shirt, lots of coupons, free massages after race etc. I wanted THOSE... not the actual race part of it...

Well, I ran it anyways.

And I survied.

Triathlon HERE I COME. ...Next year maybe...

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