Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{WPPI 2011} - Las Vegas, NV

Right now I feel like a 5 year old during the Holidays.  I just can't wait for "Santa" to come!  

 Santa = WPPI 
(Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)

It's a HUGE Convention & Trade Show held in Las Vegas every year.  I've never felt "ready" enough to attend, but this year I'm going anyways.  Who the heck cares, right?

I get to learn about SO many things.  Some of the classes I am going to are about:

Marketing Strategies
Light Styling & Posing
Creating a Successful Business
Weddings (my favorite!)
"Law School for Photographers"
And many more...

A few of my favorite Wedding Photographers are going to be there speaking, so I hope to be able to attend some of their presentations as well.

Another great thing I get to do is attend a Fashion Show!  The reason I'm going to attend this is because THE Nigel Barker is going to be there (America's Next Top Model Photographer).  Oh. My. Gosh.  

Now can you see why I feel like a kid again?

According to the WPPI Website, as of right now there is only:

15 Days: 10 hours: 40 minutes: 50 seconds

Get ready for a bigger and better year here!


  1. NIGEL IS GOING TO BE THERE?!?! Why am I not a photographer?!

  2. SOOOOO JEALOUS!!! I am literally IN LOVE with that sexy Nigel Barker.... You MUST MUST MUST get a picture with him or of him (preferably without his shirt on...) cause he is HOT... oh and a great photographer....

  3. You HAD to put the countdown up?!??!!! I avoid the website so I don't get myself all worked up! And NOW - just before bed I see that there's 15 days!!! AGhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm not going to SLEEP TONIGHT I'm so stinkin excited! Can't wait to see you there Sarah

  4. NIGEL BARKER. *sigh* I agree with Lauren. Get a picture. And if I'm there with you, WE'LL get a picture. Ahem. :)