Friday, March 25, 2011

It's time for a GIVEAWAY!

The blog has almost had 10,000 hits this past year, so I think it is now a good time to celebrate!  How are we going to celebrate?  A GIVEAWAY!  This is going to be good.  So, here's how it will work:

To enter:

1.  Like Sarah Rae Photography on Facebook and "share" it with your friends so they can like it too!
2.  Post on your Facebook status that you just entered to win a free shoot with me!  Including a link 
     to my blog.
3.  Last but not least, comment on this blog post or shoot me an email and tell me that you did the      
     first two things.

What will you win?

1 free shoot (excluding weddings) with yours truly and a free 8 X 10 print!

Deadline for entries will be April 8, 2011.  That's two weeks!

And more of this lovely lady to come!


  1. #3-Hey Sarah I did the first two items on the list! (except "suggest" to friends that they like it because I am facebook illiterate and don't know how to do that...tell me how and I'll do that too!) But I would love to win a free shoot!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I shared the link. I even shared your facebook page. I alrady like you. I can't figure out how to suggest friends for you. Shoot.