Saturday, June 11, 2011

The End Is In Sight

I applied for GRADUATION.  Yes, I said graduation.  You know, after you've spent millions at a university where they teach you things for years and years so you can walk around in a black gown, throw a square cap up in the air and they give you a piece of paper saying you are AWESOME.  Yeah, I applied for that this week.  Come December 2011, I will be ALL DONE with school.


Once I graduate, I will have taken me 4 years (in school) to do this (6 including time off for being sick stuff).  So, I guess that's okay.  It would've been an easier road minus that 2 year sick break.  But whatever.  I'M ALMOST DONE!  I'm so excited I'm already job hunting.

I know, I think it sounds fake and unreal too.  I really wont believe it until I actually throw that square cap up in the air.  

Do they really do that in real life, or is that just in Legally Blond?  

Can I also say that Summer School is AWESOME?  Seriously.  Everyone told me I would hate it, BUT I wish I would have done it every summer now.  Maybe that's just my graduation motivation speaking... I don't know.

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