Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Josh, Delroy & LeRoy} Utah Portrait Photographer

The day we shot these was quite possibly the coldest day I have ever experienced. Including my days in Canada. It. Was. Fridgid. But, when someone like Josh asks you to take pictures of him and his 'two boys', you don't just pass that opportunity up. Especially when there are two trucks and only one Josh to drive them. Consequently, I had to drive one out to the lake where we took these pictures.

It may have been the best afternoon of my life. Driving LeRoy (the red one). I like driving big trucks, and getting mud on their tires. Good thing Josh brought a towel to tidy them up. Oops...

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: Josh, Delroy & LeRoy.

I usually am not much of a photoshop/crazy colors/fake looking kind of gal, but today it needed to happen. For Josh.

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  1. I hope he puts these up on his walls! And bedside table!