Sunday, March 25, 2012

Now I'm In Trouble

After Devin's funeral, his family had SO many plants that their house looked like a nursery. So they gave me one.

Rewind to last summer when Devin had given me marriage advice AND a marriage deadline. Read about the hysterical details here:

Where Devin finds it necessary to give me marriage advice AND a deadline.

Where Devin finds it necessary to start praying for me - because I'm not married.

So the last time I received pressure from him, he kindly extended my deadline, for the third time, to March 16th. Well, that was about a week ago and... there was no wedding.

Now fast forward to the plant his parents gave me at his funeral. On March 17th, it started looking like this:

Coincidence that it starts dying the day after his deadline?


Devin being disappointed with me?


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