Sunday, March 31, 2013

{Remington Owen} Orem, UT Newborn Photographer

I've always been hesitant to do newborn photography. I'm not a fan of baskets, balls and giant flowers. So, I didn't think I would make a good fit for a newborn photographer.

A month ago, I was convinced to give it a shot. I was quite hesitant, because there is only a certain amount of time to photograph someones newborn. And if it doesn't go well, then, well... you've missed out on an opportunity that only comes around one time.

Talk about pressure.

I tried to prep myself as much as possible before the shoot so I could get some  pictures of this beautiful new baby that would be cherished forever. I wont claim to be a newborn photographer yet, nor will I ever. I found for me a way to photograph a newborn with my own style that is more simple and natural. Not perfect, but little Remington was. So, they make perfect pictures.

Here is my first attempt at newborn photography.

Remington Owen Blackhurst.

 photo RemingtonOwenBlackhurst72of144blog_zps17caff96.jpg  photo RemingtonOwenBlackhurst89of144blog_zps8b0bf638.jpg  photo RemingtonOwenBlackhurst63of144blog_zps04711bf1.jpg  photo Juliebaby1_zps4d80e849.jpg  photo RemingtonOwenBlackhurst109of144blog_zps2da49b31.jpg  photo RemingtonOwenBlackhurst76of144blog_zps93ff3931.jpg

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