Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Advice from the 14 year old Love Guru

Today I was talking to my little sister on good ol' Facebook Chat. She seems to think that she has "men" figured out. Before I go on about the rest of the story, here is a bit of background about my little sister.

Name: Amy
Age: 14
# of Boyfriends: We already lost count...

I think that will do for purposes of this blog post :)

She asked me how my dating life was. Since I am her older sister, 23, and still single, she thinks that is not going to do (me being single and all) and believes I should get married soon. She asked me what I was doing to help correct my situation and I told her nothing really because I'm just kind of... well, tired of guys and want to just have fun for a bit and not even think about them.

THEN she said, and I quote "You're just telling yourself that because YOU'RE TOO AFRAID TO TRY!"

WOAH Woah woah...

Then I got more advice such as "They probably think the same thing as you do: she probably doesn't like me and it's pointless to like her if she doesn't like me back."

THEN... (here's the best one and the reason for ths post)
"it's true!!!.... Boy's are freakin retarted like that... TRUST ME!!! I would know :) :) :) But seriously Sarah, you have to do something about it... that's what I did and look at my numbers!!! F-L-I-R-T!!!"

(copied directly from our chat)

Wait... what? LOOK AT MY NUMBERS?!?

Looks like, once again, I have gotten beat by my little sis. Yeah, she'll probably get married before me and she's still only 14.

So Funny.

those were the highlights of the converstaion. and it was pretty entertaining to say the least.

So now what? I think I'll still say that I'm tired of boys AND it's not because "I'm too afraid to try"! I'm just tired of them.... for this week anyways.


  1. don't you wish we were that wise when we were 14?! It scares me how mature Haden is! And he's only 7!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE her! What a fire cracker! Maybe you should listen to her advice and then we can look at your numbers! :)