Monday, April 26, 2010

Dreams DO Come True

As many of you know, my sweet little cousin Devin (aka Devi-Wevi) was diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time. He had been such a trooper and has stayed so positive during his fight.

Tonight up in Murray, he was able to officially make his "Wish" through the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

One would think that a teenage boy would want to go to Disneyland, or ride in a big truck or something like that. Not this guy. He has wished to go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee. He leaves tomorrow and is so excited he can hardly stand it.

Special thanks to all those who have helped make Devin's Wish come true!

Here's KSL's video highlight of the evening. It was a great night.

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  1. Sarah! I absolutely LOVE this! Your cousin is such a sweetie! I hope that he keeps pushin' through. I love all that you and your family seem to do to take care of him!