Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Time to Relax Is When You Don't Have Time For It


I kind of feel like this right now... I should be grateful for all that I have to do, since most of those papers on that desk behind "me" in that picture are actually pictures that need to be edited and sent of to people awaiting their images.

But there are just SO many... As in, 5,000+ -ish so many.

So that right now = full time job.

Except, I already have a normal job... That I've kind of been at maybe too long now. And would maybe want to just only go to school... except I can't.

So basically....

Also... I just moved back to my old apt, and have no desire to fully unpack my room. Even after 2 weeks. I'm too stressed to do anything about the stress.

And I did 2 bad things today. Bad as in good, but just add MORE stress the the crazy amounts I already have. I signed up for classes AND applied to the University of Utah. Why am I this crazy? I was supposed to be done this part of life already. Guess not...

Well, I guess I just need to get back to this...

Which is probably just ADDING to the stress instead of helping. I'm halfway done season 3 though. So I HAVE to finish now!

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  1. That's it! I'm sneaking in and cleaning your room for you so you don't have to do it! AND: Jack is specifically recommended for relieving stress, so drink it up. ;)