Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Help me... I'm leaving on a jet plane

Last night at dinner, my brother asked me whose arms I was going to grab. I wasn't nevous until he said this...

Yes... this is usually me on an airplane.

I'm going ... in an airplane tomorrow. You know, those giant things that miraculously fly in the air?
Yeah... BAH!
It doesn't help that I've been watching this lately...

Did I mention that I'll be ALONE? That's a lot of alone time in a giant flying machine.
However... if I make it safely to my destination, there will be a lot of this happening:

And a whole lot of this...

Lets just hope there are a lot of these on the airplane. Probably in the seats next to me.

Cause lets face it... They each have experience... with crash landings and stuff.


  1. "...with crash landings and stuff." BAHAHA. Sarah Sarah Sarah I love you so much. :) You'll be great! GREAT , I say!

  2. Well, you can take me with you. I'm a pro at flying. I've landed about 7 crashing airplanes and no one has been hurt. I'm just sayin.