Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Got the Boot

I am now on my way to Florida. I made it safely on my first flight from SLC to Phoenix. There were some bumpy bumps that happened, but my heart is still beating and I’m still breathing.

This funny thing happened when I arrived in Phoenix. My flight from Orlando to Phoenix was to leave an hour after I arrived. Turns out, for some reason they had to change the plane they were using for this flight. Why does this matter? Oh, well it was a small plane. 40 seats smaller.

I was one of the 40 that got bumped. I think they bumped the 40 seats that no longer existed on the new smaller plane out and created a huge mess that has been so much fun. Really.

Well, while I was in line to get my flight stuff figured out, the lady at the door called my name to board that plane!!! I was relieved. Well… when I got up there she told me that was a mistake. So I got to get in the back of the, oh so long line… full of grouchy people with filth for mouths.

People are real fun when it comes to airports and stuff. I couldn’t believe the way some passengers were talking to the airline staff. Swear words were coming out from every direction possible… and I’m just not used to that, being from Provo and all, so it was kind of… weird. And lets face it… wouldn’t we rather be in the situation we are in that be on a plane that is going to break 50 miles in the air? I think yes. Other people didn’t think so apparently.

The lady behind the counter handled herself very well, I might add. If it was me behind that counter having everyone yelling at me and blaming ME for the change of plans, I would’ve curled up into a ball and started singing hymns, and probably shedding tears of sacredness.

So, about an hour later, it was my turn to talk to the lady giving everyone new flight info. I was lucky because I was traveling alone. I was able to get a spot on the Red Eye to Charlotte, NC. So I will be hanging out in the Phoenix airport for a total of 13 hours today. Then taking the Red Eye to NC, then another flight to FL in the early AM to arrive by 9:30 AM

That’s not all though… It’s early afternoon here still, and in the few hours that I’ve been here, I’ve seen a similar situation happen to 2 other flights. 2 OTHER FLIGHTS! I am sensing a problem with this airline. (not to mention them not giving me a treat while on their flight… only a drink)

This is the nice line that formed after the 3rd mix up for the day. They are all really happy if you can't tell.

Well, they did do a nice thing for the 40 of us who got the boot. We all got $525 flight vouchers! YAY!!! As much as I would like to never even think about this airline again, I think I can one more time. It is free you know J

Oh, and they gave me 2 meal vouchers. Cinnabon was free for me today. So, it’s been a GOOD day… and a very tiring/miserable/frustrating day.

By tomorrow morning, I would have been from SLC, to Phoenix, to Charlotte, to Orlando. 4 Airports, 3 airplanes. I only prepared myself for 2 airplanes... hopefully it goes well with a 3rd being sprung on me like this!

Did I mention that it's FREEZING in this airport? I didn't pack a jacket because, well I just didn't. I might have to buy a little sweatshirt from one of these gift shops here to help me remember this day.

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  1. Also, I always hope that stuff like that happens to me because I would love JUST ONCE to get those vouchers. Plus, airports are freaking awesome places for people watching. They're very entertaining.