Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Year Post

I guess since it's a new year, I should maybe post about New Years Resolutions.  And boy do I have some...

In my opinion, the worlds most popular New Years Resolution is to "get in shape", "go to the gym", "loose weight", "eat healthy"... you know, THAT one.  So, of course I have that one too!  Except this year, we're spicin it up a bit.  My friends and I decided to all do it together.    We are callin it 90 Days To A Sweet A. 

Yep, a Sweet A.  

How it works:  We all put in $5 (should be more in my opinion, but oh well.) and we all took a before picture (oops... haven't done mine yet).  Whoever changes, for the better, by the end of the 90 days wins the money.  1 boy winner, 1 girl winner.  We even have a blog for this where we have our pics and we'll post updates to track how we are all doing.  I think it will be good.  Except... we started it our Jan 4.  I was born that day, so this whole week there have been different celebrations I had to go to which didn't really go well with getting a Sweet A.  SO, I'll start this week!  It end April 4th... should be sweet I think.

Another goal that is along the same lines is to finally do a Triathlon.  No, I'm not a runner, swimmer or biker BUT I have always wanted to do one.  It's been a goal of mine since the 10th grade and I'm finally going to do it.  Yes, I'll start small so I don't kill myself at my first attempt.  I'll be doing the Women of Steel Sprint Triathlon.  Yep, ladies only and only half a real Tri!  I need some support though, so if you are a girl, then you should do it with me!  OR... there is a 5k at the same time, same place.  So, do either!  You get pampered at the end, so it's totally worth it :)

Another goal I have is to graduate.  Tomorrow I am starting that goal and am going to the University of Utah...   I planned on moving up to SLC so that it would be a more convenient situation.  But then Heavenly Father stepped in, so I'm staying in Provo.  Yep, that means I get to drive up there, or ride the train.  MONDAY - THURSDAY.  Dang it.  Well, at least I'll get an education that is worth the money unlike my previous program at you know where...

I think my most important goal is to have a positive attitude more often and choose to be happy.  I think they go hand in hand.  I was so ready to get out of Provo.  I was just tired of everything here and wanted a change.  So now that it isn't happening yet, I have to do my best to make it better.  Some things that are troubling for me here I can't control, so I get to get out my positive attitude and just be happy.  At least I'm going to try to do that.

One more thing.  It's not a real goal, but it's something that is going to happen this year.   A BIG TRIP!  I have a $500 airline voucher and a Time Share I can use.  FREE TRIP!  The problem is, I want to go EVERYWHERE!  Any ideas of where I should go? 

As long as it includes one of these, I'm in!


Yep, that's going to happen on my BIG TRIP!

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  1. I am forcing myself upon you to be involved in your big trip. And I'm voting Costa Rica or Mexico. I'm so pumped!