Thursday, December 15, 2011

Because Asking Someone Is Just Too Hard To Do.

99.999% of men suffer from one of the most annoying things EVER.

Although this man is beautiful and everything, clearly he's lost. What do you bet he could have stopped 20 miles back and asked for directions? Yeah, he could of.

 He's just too 'manly' for that.

So, this morning, there I was following my friend (who is a male) to pick him up from the dealership where he needed to drop his sweet new truck off for a little fix. He decided it would be best if I would just follow him there instead of meeting him there. Which is fine... except... somehow he got lost. And, I mean lost.  We drove around forever.  Forever as in I was gone for 2 hours forever.

The best part about this? I knew exactly where we were supposed to go and every wrong turn he made I wanted to call him and say NOOO it's THAT way! But, I felt as if I was not allowed to make such phone call and it would be a huge blow to his manhood.  So, instead we drove all the way up to Thanksgiving Point, through Lehi, and around American Fork... all for a dealership that is just two exits up the road.

Next time I am navigating and driving. 


  1. Um... you should have just made the phone call to tell him.

  2. Seriously. That's the manhood we're afraid of blowing to smithereens with a mere phone call? I'd say it could've used some, er, grounding. :) But you're nicer than I am, and since I'm fairly certain I know exactly who you're talking about, I only WISH you'd called him, then let him be wrong for two hours, and then... :) The ending is far too lovely for words. :)

  3. Dee... trust me, if it were, uh... who you think it is I would have jumped at the chance to call him and give him that blow to manhood. Because he is one I love to do that to. BUT... this guy is just too nice to do that too. I couldn't do it.