Friday, June 12, 2009

Life as of Late

I love summer
I love not having school
It's much more fun!

The weekend before finals, my sister, mom and I went to one of the Lakers vs Jazz games in SLC. It was my 2nd Lakers vs. Jazz game this season (and ever), but not last! The cool thing about this time was that the Lakers DESTROYED the Jazz! It was a glorious occassion.

My sister and I were the only Lakers fans near us. Yes I have converted 1 out of 4 of my family over the the Lakers/Light side. The other 3 however still remain on the Jazz/Dark side. With about 5 or so minutes left in the game, the Jazz fans had lost all hope in their team (we/Lakers were basically creamin them), and a fair amount of them decided to leave. What kind of team spirit is that? come on Jazz fans.... But lucky for my sis and I, we went down to the Lower Bowl and watched the rest of the game. It was pretty great. We were really close to Kobe and Sasha (i'm not going to even try to spell his last name... would go about as well as me trying to spell it.)

A few weeks ago my friends and I hiked the "Y" and I don't know why. But here is our pic on top of the "Y". This was my first "physical activity" since I've been sick (since December...) so to say the least, I wasn't a huge fan of the hike. Maybe later....Todd, Me, Colin, Nicole

Then Last night, Kelly Clarkson graced Orem with her pressence! It was fun! My cousin Devin LOVES her. I cannot emphasize the LOVE enough. The week previous to the concert, he called me about 5 times to see if I had gotten the tickets yet. He did not want to miss this. Colin, a friend from my ward, had heard so much about my cousin Devin and wanted to meet him, so he joined us in the concert festivities.

The concert was at the Orem baseball park at UVU. It was a fun concert venue. It rained a little, but we had blankets to keep warm while jammin with Kelly. She's a pretty good entertainer and left Devin proud to be a fan.

There was a FULL rainbow and another almost full one.
The stage was in the center of the full one.

Me, Devin and Colin

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