Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grace + Abe

Before they met, Abe had always said he'd never date a nanny. Grace had always said she'd never date someone from Washington (long story...) Well, Grace is a nanny, and Abe is from Washington - so of course it was going to work out perfectly. Grace and Abe met out in New York. Grace went out east to be a Nanny, and Abe (from Washington) was attending West Point Military Academy. They attended the same singles ward, which to Abe's 'delight' had several Nanny's attending. Grace however caught his eye and the rest is history!

Grace and Abe were married yesterday in the SLC Temple. When I was driving up to SLC, it was raining so I was somewhat worried about how the pictures were going to turn out. However, by the time I got there, it was not raining. In fact, it was so hot we were all cursing the heat (nicely of course).

This is just a short preview of what is to come of their pictures.

Grace and Abe truly make a perfect couple and I am SO happy for them!


  1. Sarah,
    You did an UNBELIEVABLE job on our pictures. We are so happy we had you do them for us. You have an amazing eye and are so creative. We can't thank you enough!
    Abe and Grace Payne

  2. Sarah I was so amazed at your talent. I can't wait to recommend you. Thanks for being so willing.

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