Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hugs+squishy=sparkly things

Title confusing? Well, it's the scientific theory of hugs.

Do you ever have those moments when you get a really quick flash back of something you used to do when you were little, but you can't remember what in the world was going on? I just had about a million of those.

For Christmas, my Grandma gave us some DVD's that she put all of her old home movies onto. My G&G used to live with us and so a lot of the DVD was my family, and then some of it was of my cousins too. Most of what there was, I was around 3 and 4 years old. And I remembered all of it, what happened before the recording, and what happened after. So now I feel like I remember my whole life, even things that didn't really happen (when I was little I thought we had a pet tiger that lived in our basement. I guess I never told my parents about our pet Tiger, because they had no idea we even had one.)

Back to the quick flash backs part of this post.... With all these floods of memories came one that I couldn't figure out, but I remembered it. That probably doesn't make sense... But I remember watching this certain movie where the little girl went through the mirror in her bedroom and went to get something that a witch type lady that was guarding something under a glass cover. It has been driving me crazy for SO long now... and guess what? I just figured it out!!!

Did you ever see the movie

The Hugga Bunch???

Title of my post confusing? Well, according to this movie, it's (Hugs+squishy=sparkly things) the scientific theory of hugs.

I cannot even explain how excited I am that I finally figured this out (thank you google)! I am now watching it on youtube!

So now the question is this. Is this some crazy Canadian child movie, or have any of you Americans seen this? Or remember it?

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  1. it's probably crazy and canadian bc i don't remember it. :)