Saturday, January 30, 2010

"I'm Kinda a Big Deal..."

My roommate and I have a new hobby/obsession/addiction to Vinyl Lettering that is now all over the walls in our apartment. It started off as just one saying "Dream * Dare * Do" that is over our sliding door out to the porch. Then another one came saying "It's Only Awkward if You Make it Awkward" over our kitchen table along with "Celebrate and Inspire" (separately) over our kitchen cabinets. THEN came the "quote wall". It's probably my favorite part of our vinyl addiction. Only few quotes are chosen to be added to our infamous quote wall. There is a process, and things must happen in order for the quote to be written on the wall... and it goes like this:

1. Someone says something funny
2. We laugh
3. "something funny" is said again
4. We laugh, again
5. if "something funny" sticks, and process repeats, It's golden.

There are now 6 quotes that have made it to the quote wall. That says quite a lot about what goes on in our apartment. A lot of laughing!

The 6 Golden Quotes are, in no specific order...

- "What doing? On Couch"

- "I Only Hang Out With Good-Looking People"

- "I'm Kinda a Big Deal"

- "What Just Happened"

- "More People Vote for American Idol than the President

- "You Look Hot! You're like the Vampire Version of

So, I know what you're thinking, and you can keep thinking it. We're kind of a "big deal". I'm sure you are also thinking how much you wish your intelligent thoughts could too be on our "quote wall". Well, it's actually a possibility. Just schedule an appointment and see if the process works for you too!


  1. What I want to know is where do you go to get your vinyl lettering and how much does it cost?

  2. We get it at Roberts! it's $10, but we take the 50% off coupons so it's only $5! Then we use Emily's cricket to cut them all out!