Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Secret Life of Men

Today during lunch, I went and got a pedicure.  It was marvelous.  Until, I looked over at the person next to me and it was a man.  In his 50's.  Balding.  Little on the bigger side.  Not gay, or metro.  Just a normal 50 year old balding man.

It gets better.

He had the spongey toe seperaters in and he WAS LETTING HIS TOE NAILS DRY!

Okay... weird.

But it gets weirder!

He had his toes painted yellow with the black shatter polish on top!

What The Heck!

So, my question is this.
  (And I really hope I have not been in the dark about this my whole life.  Not for the now knowing part, but for the mens sake part of it.)

1.  Was this a normal behavior that men have and is just not talked about?
2.  Was this man just having a bad day and needed a pedi?
3.  Was this man just... odd?

I'm really hoping the answer is 3 for not only this mans sake, but for all men's sake.  Dont' get me wrong, pedi's are GREAT...  but men probably shouldn't paint their toe nails yellow with black shatter polish on top.

That's all.

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