Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What if...

Big events that are life changing cause me to think. A lot. I've kind of had a lot of those big events lately, resulting in a lot of thinking on my part. And it's been deep. And it's been good.

Sunset the night of Devin's viewing
During the last 4 months of Devin's life, he was under the care of 3 amazing hospice nurses. These 3 ladies are among 3 of the most incredible women I have ever met. One of them I met the night Devin passed away, but she still felt like family that night. During the months that they cared for Devin, I watched them become apart of something so special and so incredible. Caring for someone that is dying is an experience that words cannot describe. It's more than just caring for them. It's loving them.

So here I am, hopefully about to graduate and I am now deciding what I really would LOVE to do with my life. And, lucky for me it has nothing to do with my degree. Nothing at all. I've been too caught up in just getting done that I haven't taken the time to think about what I actually love doing. And who knows, maybe I needed to go through things and meet certain people to figure things out. Or maybe this is just a phase. Maybe I think that I can have a relationship like I did with Devin if I did it. I don't know...

Right now, I want to become a Home Hospice Nurse. 

Don't worry... I'll think long and hard on this one. But, my desire right now is pretty huge.


  1. Ohhh, Sarah...I think you would be so good at that...

  2. I am inspired by you. Being able to recognize that desire and follow through is a huge step in anyone's life. Too many people never get the chance to do what they LOVE. I know you will be a blessing to the lives you touch.