Saturday, January 14, 2012

update: marriage advice from an eighth grade graduate.

Warning: In order for this to make sense and more enjoyable, read this.

Also, this happened quite a while ago - I just never posted the update to the story. No, I'm not engaged. Really? Come on. If that's what were here hoping to read, you can stop reading now.

A few months after Devin's dating advice came about, he soon realized that July 30th was a little bit of a stretch for me. My marriage assignment deadline was then extended to November 13th. Early November, I went to Devin's to hang out while his mom took a day to get things done. The first thing he asked me when I walked in his room was "Hey, Pink. How's that marriage assignment coming along?"

Really? I can't even get a hello?

I updated him on the dating situation in my life. I don't think he quite understood why I hadn't asked the next worthy available guy if he was interested in marriage. He was so confident it would get me married.

I could tell that Dev was a little disappointed in me when he said, "well, I guess I will start including you in my prayers." really? I worry them all that much...

He then reviewed with me the advice he had given me earlier that summer, prayed for me and extended my deadline.

Adorable proof, right here:

Dang, I miss him.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! It was so good to see Devin in action! And I bet he is still sending prayers out for you!