Friday, March 27, 2009

The First Ever

I have come to appreciate my friends a ton in my photography. A lot of what I have been able to do is because a friend of a friend refers another friend back to me. And all crazy things.

My first "professional" shoot was an engagement session. I had never met the couple before which made me a little nervous that they were trusting ME, someone that hadn't done anything before for their pictures. Darrin (the groom) worked with one of my friends roommates. She (my friends roommate) saw some stuff I did through good ol' facebook and told Darrin about it.

So... because it was my first I will only post very few of what we did that day. They look great, but as for me and my skills, I feel that I have gotten quite a bit better since this shoot.

This is the image the chose for their announcement

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