Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gracie Lou

I met Grace when I first moved up to Provo. We met one night out by the pool of our apartment complex and neither of us knew anyone. We started talking and became really good friends that summer. In August, she moved to New York to be a nanny. The singles ward she attends is the same ward that the guys from West Point (the military academy) go to. Needless to say, she met a guy that is attending West Point and they are now engaged!

While she was still in Provo, we had fun one afternoon getting all dressed up and got some really fun images. I guess she really liked them because she has asked me to photograph her wedding in July. Luckily it is not my first wedding I photograph so I've already learned so much I can improve on this time around. And with Grace as the bride, we are bound to get some amazing images! I'll be sure to post some of them after the wedding!

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