Sunday, March 8, 2009

Le Bus

Over the weekend, me and some friend boarded the "Fun Bus" and headed out to Wendover, NV. I had never been to Wendover before so I had no idea what to expect, but I was told not to expect much. During the week, when people asked what I had planned for the weekend I would tell them I was headed to Wendover on the "Fun Bus"! Every time without fail they would respond with a look of concern and ask "YOU are going to Wendover? Do you know what people do there?" I eventually learned that basically all there is to do in Wendover is drink, gamble and gamble some more. So I was even more excited about the adventure because... well I don't do any of the typical Wendover activities.

There were over 25 of us that went, so we had the whole bus to ourselves. It came and picked us up right outside our apartment complex. Quality service I'm telling you. My first bit of concern presented itself when our bus driver asked where we were going... shouldn't the bus driver know where to go? I'm just sayin...

iPod Idol

For those of you who have yet to experience the "Fun Bus", there are 3 TVs (great quality I might add... each TV had a different presented a different color version of the movies) and then there is a very spacious bathroom facility in the back of the bus. Similar to an airplane... but on wheels. So the way over to Wendover, we watched Mamma Mia - Sing-a Long! I know the guys enjoyed it a lot more than the girls did ;) Then some of the people in the back decided to make a movie - spin off of the Red Eye movie. It is classic. I love it. I was too involved in the Mamma Mia Sing-a-Long and am only briefly seen which is a good thing. (the movie is on facebook... you should watch it) After movie making, we had a few small rounds of Ipod Idol. If you don't know what this is, one person (the singer) get the iPod, chooses a song, ear phones in, volume up and then they Jam out. So everyone else only hears what the person is singing, no back ground music. It is hilarious.

Once we got to Wendover, we had a free buffet. I'm not going to say much about the food because... well it was a buffet. Then we had coupons for free drinks, $5 cash back and a few other things which we didn't do. When we asked for our free drinks, we thought we could get a Strawberry Daiquiri - virgin. The bartender looked at us as if we were crazy. All we could get were Shirley Temples or soda. At least it was free though!

AWESOME (cough cough) band...

There was an AWESOME (cough cough) band that kept playing. I do have to say thought that their outfits were my favorite by far out of anyone's I've ever seen. They all coordinated with each other. It was great. They were in a lounge area and so we had a mini dance party. We had several drunk people join us and showed us some of their stellar moves.

Ashley and I at the Bar... Don't judge... remember it's a Shirley Temple!

As the night went on, so did the creativity of our activities. Because all the warnings I had received about Wendover held out to be true, we had an awesome scavenger hunt inside the casino. Later we played the game Signs in the hotel lobby. We received many weird looks through out the evening but in the end it was definitely a night to remember. Our jackets may forever smell as Casino, but it was worth it all.

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